Coaching and training are just the tip of the iceberg. Whether you feel your existing processes are lacking, your compensation plan isn't enticing people or you're unsure about your current team structure, I'll be able to diagnose and pinpoint what's holding your business back from its full potential. With the use of shadowing and interviews, I'll be able to help craft your business a blueprint for success.

I deliver training on a variety of topics related to sales and customer service skills, time management, attitude, and leadership.

It’s not about closing the sale; you build relationships if you want to build a long-term, successful sustainable business.

  • Selling Skills: Prospecting, needs analysis, closing techniques, objections, referrals, follow-up, proposals and presentations, customer service, and personality profiling.
  • Time Management: Creating and following an effective schedule, goal setting, tracking key performance indicators, territory management, and habits.
  • Attitude and Work Ethic: Vision, self-talk, self-discipline, and routines.
  • Leadership: Recruiting (sourcing quality candidates, interviewing, hiring, and on-boarding), managing the numbers, leading the team (shadowing, running effective meetings, holding 1:1s), personality based managing, and delegation.

Here's what consulting services can help your business achieve:

  •   Uncover the lead generation requirements of your particular business and deliver you a tailored strategy to maximize interest in your services.
  •  Pinpoint the current make-or-break demand drivers in your target markets.
  •  Deliver you a prioritized and segmented target market list – which both illustrates where your main focus needs to lie and where you can find untapped resources.
  •  Identify several methods of contacting your target market and sparking the interest of new clients.
  •  Determine exactly what content your target market most enjoys consuming to ensure a more positive reception to your business' message.
  •  Create a workable plan of action to deliver noticeable results.
  •  Track and monitor results to gauge how well your lead-generation is performing with the use of analytical tools. We'll periodically update the program to deliver optimal results.


As your sales coach I'll help and encourage you to hit those elusive stretch goals and help you realize your true capabilities. Sales coaching provides you with sales training, mentoring and a personal accountability partner, all in a single package. As a sales professional, you'll no-doubt understand how easy it is to become overwhelmed by the demands of your work. One-on-one sales coaching is designed with people like you in mind and offers unique solutions to your unique challenges.

I'll waste no time working with you to pinpoint what's holding you back, so that we can rapidly determine, design and deploy a business strategy. We'll put systems and habits in place that'll take you into – and beyond – your stretch goals.

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“…I cannot tell you how appreciative I was to hear the many innovative ideas you had to market the services of Cardiac Surgical Associates (CSA).  I hope that CSA can utilize some of your ideas to promote our practice successfully as you have been able to promote Baumann, Stahl, Raymondo & Company PA.”

Lisa G. Kimbro, CPA, MBA, Executive Director, CSA

“In the fifteen years that I have been in the private school industry, I have never met anyone as effective as you in the classroom. … In addition to classroom abilities you possess, I have also been impressed with your ability to work with all people you come in contact with. …I know that your being there made my job as director of the site much more effective.”

Mr. Jim Heckman, Director, United School Inc.